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Within the deposed, you find treasures; through the wreckages, you find opportunities; dig into deep gravels and you might find diamonds; sieve through casual streams and you might see nuggets of gold. Greatness is usually tucked away in the least expected places. In order to find the treasure, you must work hard and be dedicated.

The art of creating beautiful leather is just the same.

There are countless ways to treat leather edges, such as having them oiled or folded. At Dry & Co, we insist on using the burnishing technique because it is the most durable way. Although it is the most time-consuming method involving hand burnishers, mechanical rotary tools, and drill presses, the finished edges promise to never break and will even become shinier through time.

Leather edge burnishing not only results in an exceptional touch, it also helps the material to repel heat, water, soap and dyes. Our favourite choice is definitely the Cocobolo and Rosewood burnishers, which provide the perfect level of density and oil content for the leather. As these are exotic tree species which take a long time to grow, this form of leather edge burnishing is definitely a refined and vital investment for creating such premium products.