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Century leather

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It is important for us to use quality leather. Our Century Leather is a type of Vegetable Tanned Leather that is specially developed and produced in Tuscany, Italy. The amount of wood powder, oil, and wax are adjusted to be just right to create a prefect softness for making our leather goods. It also ages perfectly and pledges to deliver a better look through time. It is a splendid travel companion and let’s you experience an adventure with our leather goods. Let it speak to you with its quality transformations.

European Cow Hide
Bee Wax
Conditioner to prevent the leather from cracking
Fish Oil
Soften the leather and give it a pull up feel
Wood Powder | Barks | Leaves
Used as tannin to transform hides into leather


– A true “chromium-free” tanning method, and does not have harmful chemicals;
– Colors and textures have a more natural and organic look;
– High durability and strength, being even far more efficient than the majority of the synthetic materials;
– Can last an entire lifetime and/or is bio-degradable when it ceases to be used/maintained;
– Remarkable and sought-after aging qualities, like the “caramelization” of the color, a unique patina acquired with prolonged use


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Neck folds

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Stretch Marks

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Insect Bites

Our Century Leather has no treatment on top to cover natural leather marks. Natural Leather often bear scars and imperfections that the animal accumulated during its life and this is what makes every hide unique and tells the story of the animal’s life. In it’s natural environment animals may get bitten by insects, parasites, ticks and lice or get in fights with other animals, all of which will result in scarring or marks on the hide. Natural markings such as these are what give the leather its unique characteristic and are not defects or faults unless they affect the performance of the leather in anyway.